T-Mobile announces Un-carrier 8.0 with Data Stash, allows carrying unused high-speed data to new month

T-Mobile Un-Carrier 8.0

Today, T-Mobile's CEO John Legere announced Un-carrier 8.0 with Data Stash. Data Stash allows the customer to rollover data, letting you carry your unused 4G LTE data from one month into another.

Data saved in your stash will be available for up to a year, and there’s no limit to the amount of megabytes that your Data Stash can hold. The offering will be available to all post-paid Simple Choice customers with a 3GB smartphone plan or 1GB tablet plan. That includes individuals, families and businesses.

The Data Stash initiative will launch through T-Mobile in January 2015, and to celebrate its arrival, every customer that’s eligible for Data Stash will receive 10GB of 4G LTE data in their stash for free.

Un-carrier 8.0 with Data Stash

In addition to the Data Stash announcement, the Un-carrier also gave an update on its 4G LTE network progress. According to T-Mobile its LTE footprint now covers 260 million Americans and that its Wideband LTE service is available in 121 metro areas.

T-Mobile also recently deployed its 700MHz service in Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis and Washington D.C. to boost in-building coverage in those areas. Looking ahead, T-Mo plans to reach 300 million people with its LTE coverage in 2015.

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source: T-Mobile

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