Puzzlephone is a new modular phone coming in 2015

Puzzlephone is a new modular phone coming in 2015

Finish manufacturer, Circular Devices Oy, are working on a new modular smartphone, similar to Project Ara, called Puzzelphone. The first devices will be ready to ship during 2015.

The handset has three modular sections namely: The Brain, The Heart and The Spine. The Brain module holds the main electronics such as the processor, camera and volume buttons, while The Heart contains the battery and secondary electronics and, lastly, The Spine is an LCD module and contains the main buttons, speakers and microphone.

Puzzlephone has a Brain, Heart and Spine

According to the Puzzlephone, the device will initially run Android, but Circular Devices is also inviting Firefox OS, Sailfish, and Windows Phone to partake in the project. It’s not unrealistic to expect users to be able to change OSes as they see fit since the removable “Brain” module will allow for exactly this scenario.

Circular Devices says the LCD screen has a lifespan of up to ten years…unless you break it. They also state that they intend to release Puzzlephone standards to all hardware manufacturers, effectively open-sourcing the platform. This should lead to a variety of hardware and software variations and options for consumers.

There is no information on the other specs yet, but it’s hardly relevant when you can upgrade the processor, camera or battery pack at a whim.

The following video will demonstrate how to pieces of the Puzzle(phone) fit together


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