OnePlus One upcoming update to bring Waves' MaxxAudio sound enhancement

OnePlus One

The popular OnePlus One smartphone is set to receive a new software update in January, which will bring Waves Audio's MaxxAudio sound enhancement technology to the device.

MaxAudio for OnePlus One
The MaxAudio enhancement which will be built into the CyanogenMod firmware, represents a set of psychoacoustic sound enhancement technologies that promises bigger bass, pristine highs, louder reproduction and an overall livelier sound from your OnePlus' speaker, headset, or whatever you use to listen to music on your device.

Cyanogen CTO Steve Kondik personally revealed that his team "worked wuth MaxxAudio to perfect the software integration through the new version of the AudioFX app we developed". In other words, MaxxAudio has been tuned specifically for the OnePlus One and the company's Silver Bullet and JBL E1+ earphones. 10 equalizer presets have been created, encompassing different musical genres. AudioFX and the equalizer are fully customizable as well.

Other than OnePlus, Maxx Audio is used in products by manufacturers like Dell, ASUS, LG, Oppo, and Denon. It's a leading sound enhancement solution that should feel just as welcome on the OnePlus One.

source - OnePlus

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