Leaked Microsoft McLaren vs Apple iPhone 6

Microsoft McLaren vs Apple iPhone 6

The Microsoft McLaren (aka Nokia Lumia 1030) was expected to be the next flagship Windows Phone, with high end hardware and a PureView camera in tow. While Microsoft claims that they have scrapped the McLaren project altogether, we keep seeing the device leaked in various forms. The most recent leak, compares various photos of the Microsoft McLaren alongside the Apple iPhone 6.

You can also clearly see the label on the device saying it is a 'prototype property of Microsoft Mobile', indicating it wasn't something Nokia was working on.

The most interesting aspect of the McLaren is the protruding camera, which seems even larger than the one we saw on the Nokia Lumia 1020. Unfortunately this does not help us measure it in any way. However, the Xenon flash has notably been replaced with one of the dual-LED variety.

Having the large sensor has its advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, the 41MP camera on the Lumia 1020 was a big hit with camera enthusiasts. Unfortunately the large sensor makes the device quite bulky, as you will see next to the iPhone 6. This makes it hard to pocket and therefore not something the general consumer may consider picking up.

In any case it is clear that Microsoft is (or has been) working on a new flagship device. While it is not clear if the company will follow this design or when the eventual successor to Lumia 1020 will arrive, we hope we wont be kept too long.

source - CNBeta (translated)

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