Google Nexus 5 receives Android 5.0.1 factory image

Google Nexus 5 receives Android 5.0.1Google has released the Android 5.0.1 factory image for the Nexus 5. The factory images are useful to those who like customizing their devices with ROMs and MODs, as it can be used to restore your handset to its default state. Factory Images can even be used to fix bricked devices, and will restore rooted handsets so that they can receive official OTA updates.

Its important to note, that the OTA update is still the recommended way to update your Nexus 5.  Now that the factory image has been released, it should only be a matter of time for the OTA update to arrive.

The Android 5.0.1 update comes with the LRX22C build. Flashing a new system image will wipe all of the data from your phone, so make sure you backup all your important data before proceeding. If you are set and ready to go, you can download the Android 5.0.1 factory image for the Nexus 5 using the following link.

download - Google
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