YouTube Music Key announced, a subscription based ads-free music, background play and offline viewing experience

The folks at YouTube have announced a new subscription service called Music Key, which brings features like offline music, full albums, background music, and ad-free music playback. The service will cost $9.99 per month and include an All Access pass to Google Play Music.The service is currently in beta, and early adopters will get a promotional price of $7.99 per month.

The YouTube app will be updated in the coming days to include the Music Key service, and Google Play Music subscribers users will also have better integration between YouTube and Google Play Music, allowing them to check out the latest music videos for the songs they like. At the most basic level, Music Key will add a new section to YouTube dedicated to music, and organized to help you find the music that you want, be it full albums, artist discographies, covers, mashups, remixes, and more. There will also be playlists based on your history, or trending music, and integration of the new Songza features that recently appeared in Google Play Music, allowing you to build playlists based on time, mood, or activity. Best of all, the content can either be streamed, or stored locally for offline playback.

It's unclear how long the $7.99 promotional pricing will last, but those who get in on the beta will get 6 months free to try out the service. The subscription to Music Key will include a subscription to Google Play Music; and, Play Music subscribers will automatically get the YouTube Music Key subscription added as it becomes available.

You can sign up for an invite to YouTube Music Key beta, by following the source link and entering your email address.

source - YouTube ( Music Key | Blog)

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