What is Nokia up to ?

What is Nokia up to ?Back in October, Nokia used its social media channels to tease a November 17 event, which would reveal "how the Nokia story continues". There have been a lot of rumors circulating the vent, including the possibility of Nokia returning to the smartphone making business. Today the company has released yet another cryptic message on Facebook.

The image shows what looks like a set-top box, and it could be anything between a mediabox like the Apple TV or a Mac mini-type PC. Nokia could even be using Android for a multimedia device of sorts...The image also includes the text "We're up to something" and suggests that all will be revealed on November 18. 

What's Nokia up to ?

Since we don't have long to wait, all we can do is speculate until Nokia makes the big reveal, so leave your comments below and let us know what you think Nokia will unveil tomorrow.

source - Nokia ( Twitter | Facebook )

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