Ten reasons to buy the Galaxy Note 4 instead of the iPhone 6 Plus

Galaxy Note 4iPhone 6 Plus

With the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, the once small smartphone suddenly joined the phablet ranks, giving long time Apple fans an opportunity to compare their devices with large screened Android counterparts. But how does Apple's new iPhone stand up against well a established veteran like Samsung and its Galaxy Note 4? Here are ten reasons why Samsung's phablet is a better choice than the iPhone 6 Plus.

1 - Quad HD display

The iPhone 6 Plus has a 1080p, full HD display, which is the highest on an iPhone to date. While Samsung's display is 5.7 inches, the company has added a whopping 1440p Quad HD Super AMOLED display panel which gives the Galaxy Note 4 a 500ppi pixel density.

2 - Good screen-to-phone-size ratio

Despite the Galaxy Note 4 having a 0.2" larger screen (diagonally), it is much shorter than the iPhone 6 Plus, returning a decent 74% screen-to-phone size ratio. This makes the Note 4 better suited for single handed use. Meanwhile the iPhone 6 Plus screen-to-phone-size is at 68%

3 - S Pen Stylus

When Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone, it was clearly meant for single handed use. However Apple finally did away with this policy when they released the iPhone 6 Plus. While iOS has been optimized for the larger display, it doesn't compare to the feature rich productivity options offered by the coupling of the Note 4 and its S Pen stylus.

You can use your S Pen for handwriting, sketching, annotating, clipping and navigating around the interface, brings one more input option to the table, and executed in the best manner that can be found so far on a mobile device at that.

4 - 4K Video Capture

While the iPhone has some fancy improvements in the camera department including the slo-mo video capture, it is only capable of video at 1080p. Samsung makes use of the powerful quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor in the Note 4 to capture very detailed 4K video accompanied by great sounding audio capture.

5 - Stereo audio capture with three directional mics

The Galaxy Note 4 has been outfitted with three dedicated noise-canceling microphones, which can record directional sound, and do it in stereo, with the excellent 250+ kbps bit rate at that, making it the best Android device for audio recording. Meanwhile iPhone 6 Plus users have to settle for mono sound recording on their video footage.

6 - Longer battery life with faster charging and swappable battery

The 3220 mAh battery on the Galaxy Note 4 is capable of lasting much longer than the 2915mAh battery on the iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung even includes an Ultra Power Saving Mode to allow you to squeeze even more out of your battery when you are running low.

7 - The flexibility of Android over iOS

From the homescreens, through the multitasking options, to the camera app and even the settings menu - the Galaxy Note 4 is stuffed with tons of options, features and functionality. Features like Multi-window and Pop-up View, Photo Notes, and Smart Select are some of the added features the Note 4 offers their consumers.

While we do admit Apple has come along way with iOS 8, which offers custom keyboard, widgets on the notification pane and more, it doesn't compare to the features (sometimes redundant) you will find on Samsung's phablet.

8 - Wide-angle front camera

The Galaxy Note 4 offers one of the best selfie cameras out there, with a 3.7 MP resolution, wide f/1.9 aperture, and up to 120 degree wide-angle mode to fit many friends in the frame. Apple upgraded the 1.2 MP iPhone 6 Plus FaceTime HD camera in comparison with last year's edition with a brand new sensor that captures more light, but its f/2.2 aperture and lack of wide-angle mode are no match for the front-facing snapper of the Note 4.

9 - IR Blaster

With the Note 4, you can control your home electronics from afar, from TVs, through home stereos, and even air conditioning units, for the annoyance of everyone else in the family.

10 - UV sensor and Heart rate monitor

The UV sensor and Heart rate monitor are two features that may not be widely used, but still add value to your Galaxy Note 4 purchase. Samsung has managed to cram just about every sensor they can into the Note 4 and we definitely don't think its users would be complaining about that.

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