Leaked images show likely Lumia 1020 successor

Lumia 1020 successor

The Lumia 1020 is a unique looking device with an enormous 41-megapixel camera attached to its back. This photo-centric smartphone was released around 15 months ago, and despite rumors, there hasn't been any physical evidence of its successor - until now.

These recently discovered images show a device with similar dimensions of the Lumia 1020 sporting a combination of aluminum and polycarbonate materials. While its more than likely that the device is a clever fake, the general overall look indicates that it could be the Microsoft's rumored McLaren, which the company decided to canceled in July.

The McLaren was expected to succeed the Lumia 1020 and arrive sometime in December. It was also expected to feature a 3D Touch UI, with Xbox Kinect-like gestures for Windows Phone. Microsoft is continuing to look into 3D Touch for future smartphones, but decided to scrape McLaren's 2014 launch.

A closer look at the alleged prototype shows a few other differences from the Lumia 1020, mainly that an LED flash has replaced the Xenon and the physical hardware buttons on the bezel have been replaced with software buttons.

source - The Verge | Gizmodo

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