Google Play Movies & TV arrives on Roku, users get X-Men film for free for adding channel

Google Play Movies & TV

Roku is one of the pioneers in streaming set-top boxes, and have solutions long before devices like Chromecast, and Fire TV came along. Unfortunately those who invested in Google's Play Store didn't have solutions on their Roku devices. However this looks like this is about to change, as the Google Play Movies & TV channel has now been added to Roku.

You can add Google Play Movies & TV to your Roku channel lineup by clicking the following link:

Its a little strange that Google has chosen to support Roku in the middle of launching Android TV, not to mention the ongoing success of Chromecast, both of which directly compete with Roku's various set-top boxes. Whatever the reason, it's a very welcome sight for Android users who own Roku devices.

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The Google Play "channel" on Roku seems to be modeled after the Chromecast interface in the latest Play Movies & TV update, including the automatic actor information that appears when you pause. To set it up, just go to the Channel Store on your Roku device and search for Google. Sign in via the on-screen code (have a phone or computer handy) and you'll have access to all of your paid content on the Play Store. As a special bonus, Google is giving away a free digital copy of the original X-Men movie just for connecting your account.

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