BlackBerry Passport - Video Review

BlackBerry Passport

Its been nearly 2 years since the full touch BlackBerry Z10 was launched, with BlackBerry 10 OS. With the BlackBerry Passport, the company is going back to what it does best, QWERTY keyboards and gives us a modern vision of what BlackBerry can be.

BlackBerry's choice to change the traditional keyboard layout, will take some getting used to with the Passport. Those who are switching from an older BlackBerry device or even an all touch device from a different carrier will find that they need to adjust to the Passport's keyboard. Other than that the BlackBerry Passport is a great choice for a mobile professional.

In terms of availability, you can purchase the BlackBerry Passport directly from the manufacturer's website or from Amazon for $600. This puts it in the same price range as some of the other established flagships, meaning that the Canadian company will have face some heavy competition. The handset is also expected to be made available through AT&T, but there is no indication of pricing or availability yet.

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