[Android app] HTC Camera now available through the Google Play Store

HTC Camera for AndroidHTC Camera for Android is now available on the Google Play Store. HTC Camera provides a compelling software experience with many options tucked away underneath the surface. This particular version of the app should come with the HTC Eye Experience.

You can download the latest version directly on your compatible HTC device, through the Google Play Store or by using the following link:

Download from the Google Play Store
Price Free
Requirements Android 4.4 or greater

By pushing their stock apps to the Play Store, HTC is able to update these apps on a more regular interval without having to rely on firmware updates every time they need to issue a fix.

HTC Camera for Android UI (1)HTC Camera for Android UI (2)

HTC Camera for Android UI (3)HTC Camera for Android UI (4)

If you own an HTC device, you could also download the following HTC apps directly from the Google Play Store:

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