VLC for Windows updated with several enhancements

VLC for Windows updated with several enhancementsThe VLC team has released an updated version (0.1.0) of their popular VLC Player on the Windows Store, with support for Windows 8.1 devices. The update features completely new design, huge performance improvements and its now more stable compared to previous versions. VLC Player works with a wide range of media formats, streams and discs.

You can download the latest version directly on your device through the Windows Store or by using the following link:

Download Download from Windows Store
Price Free
Requirements Windows (x86 and x64)

VLC Player for Windows version 0.1.0 beta has the following new features and improvements:
  • Now using libVLC 2.2.0 core
  • Redesigned interface
  • Huge performance improvements
  • Use of Winsock for networking instead of WinRTsock
  • Implemented Windows 8.1 widgets support
  • Moved interface code to Universal to prepare Windows Phone 8.1 port
The VLC team notes that while this release is still x86-only, they have made great advances on the ARM port. There’s still no release date for the Windows Phone port.

VLC for Windows updated with several enhancements

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