Skype updates desktop apps with a new version for Mac and a preview for Windows

Skype updates desktop apps with a new version for Mac and a preview for WindowsToday, Microsoft has released a new version of Skype for Windows and Mac which unifies the Skype user interface across all platforms. The unification is evident in the icons and the photo thumbnails and these changes enable the desktop programs to share and view images easier with mobile apps.

Previously, there was a different technique for sharing images on mobile apps than on desktop programs. Users had to follow a link to view an image sent from a phone to the desktop Skype. Now that is going away with images on the desktop showing up in-line with messages. In addition to images showing thumbnails, Skype will recognize common document formats such as PDF and office documents and display the relevant icon making it easier to spot different documents.

Messaging has been a major focus of this release. It is easier to track multiple conversations with spacing between contacts and text preview of unread messages by the name. While in a call, it is easy to chat at the same time. The chat pane sits on the right of the video enabling document or picture sharing while in a call without obscuring the video.

Finally, these desktop apps are easier to host and manage group video calls. Previously, Microsoft had made group video calling free in order to stay competitive and now it is easier to use that functionality. All of these improvements were a long time coming, and we are glad to see that the desktop versions of Skype no longer lag behind their mobile counterparts.

Interestingly the Mac version has been finalized, while the Windows version is still in preview. You can download the updated Skype using the following links

source - Skype

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