Microsoft Band announced as the company's first fitness tracking wearable

Microsoft Band
Meet the Microsoft Band, the company's first fitness wearable which is accompanied by Microsoft Health, a new cloud-based health fitness tracking service. The device works on all major platforms including Windows, Windows Phone, OS X, iOS and Android and is available for just $199 through the Microsoft Store in the United States.

The Microsoft Band comes with 10 sensors inside, which work on tracking the usual things like heart-rate as well as more novel detectors, including a UV sensor for sun exposure and a galvanic skin response measurement.  Microsoft Band is available in three sizes and comes with built-in GPS, which allows runners to keep track of their workout without a phone.

Microsoft Band has the following features:
  • Features 10 sensors, including more unique ones that are able to track things like UV exposure.
  • Continuously monitor heart rate and provides a detailed calorie count and sleep quality measurements.
  • Comes with Watch Mode that displays today’s time and date without pressing any buttons.
  • Features a full-color touch screen with 310 x 102 pixel resolution and built-in GPS
  • Displays different types of notifications including email messages, calendar reminders, phone calls received, text messages, social updates, weather and finance.
  • The band is powered by 100mAh battery which offers 48 hours of run with a single charge.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 syncs your data to your phone in the background.
  • With Windows Phone 8.1, you can take notes and set reminders with your voice using Cortana personal assistant.

Check out the official promotional video for Microsoft Band below

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