LG G Watch receives Android Wear update with offline music and more

LG G Watch The LG G Watch is currently receiving a new software update which brings the 4.4W.2 software version and KNX01Q build number. The update brings a few new features and improvements which makes your Android Wear device a but more independent from your smartphone.

The update will bring two major features to the Android Wear platform, but only one of these features will be available on the LG G Watch. After installing the update you will notice a new item on the Android Wear menu labeled as "Play Music" which will start playing music from your phone or straight from your watch, if it isn't connected to your phone. You can now connect a Bluetooth audio device directly to your G Watch, and transfer music through Google Play Music to your device for offline playback. It appears right now that Play Music is the only way to get music onto your smartwatch though.

The other major enhancements is the native GPS support on your Android Weare device. Unfortunately, the G Watch and other Android Wear devices don't have a GPS chip built in, so they wont be able to take advantage of this feature. The Sony Smartwatch 3 will be the first to feature a GPS chip; but it isn't available for purchase yet., even though it is listed on Google Play.

Google has also promised to push another big update before the end of the year which will add official support and APIs for custom watch faces. So we have much more to expect from Android Wear in the future.

source - Android Police+David Calloway

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