HTC RE officially announced, a camera with a 16MP sensor, WiFi and Bluetooth

HTC RE officially announced

Besides the HTC Desire EYE, the company also unveiled the HTC RE during their Double Exposure event in New York. The HTC RE is a wireless "sports camera," along the same lines as products from GoPro, Sony, and any number would-be competitors.

The most striking thing about the RE is its design. The small 96.7x26.5mm camera is shaped roughly like a periscope (or an inhaler), allegedly for a better grip. The camera has extra sensors around the grip point, instantly turning it on when you hold it. HTC is so confident in this unusual design choice that they've actually omitted a power button. A single shutter button handles both 16-megapixel still shots and 1080p videos - tap once for a photo, hold for video. Like some of the competition, the RE is IP57 waterproof even without a case, and uses a wide-angle 146-degree lens.

The camera contains Bluetooth and WiFi for syncing photos and videos either directly to the web or to HTC's Zoe application on your phone. There will also be a RE-specific app available for all Android devices and even iOS with sharing, basic editing, and advanced features like time-lapse and (at some point) live broadcasting on YouTube. Remote control via phones will be available, as will an RE API for integration with other apps and services. The RE comes with a bargain 8GB MicroSD card in its slot, but you can add one all the way up to 128GB for taking photos and videos without an active connection. The 920mAh battery, recharged via a standard MicroUSB cable, should last for 1200 photos or 100 minutes of video.

HTC is planning on releasing the RE in four colors - White, Teal, Orange and Navy Blue. The device will be available for purchase through, and at Best Buy at an unconfirmed date. Amazon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon will get it "in time for the holidays." The base price will be $199.99. A variety of accessories, including mounts and cases, will be available as well, though you can use the RE with a standard camera tripod connection.

HTC clearly wants to set itself apart from other smartphone manufacturers as a company that provides a range of mobile devices. While HTC is not known for its stand-alone cameras, it will be interesting to see how the lessons learned from smartphone cameras has been transferred to devices like the RE.

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