Google introduces "Inbox by GMail" - A new way to manage your email

Inbox by GMailGoogle has introduced a new app called "Inbox", which is a different way of managing your day to day emails. The app will highlight the important information that is sent to you, such as information about an event, flight itineraries, documents and photographs.

Unfortunately not everyone can access this new service, at least not yet. For now the only way you can gain access to Inbox is by requesting an invite from Google. You can request an invite simply by sending an email to and hope you are luck. If you receive an invite, it can be used right away. Meanwhile check out how Inbox works in the following video

Google has been working on Inbox as "Project Bigtop" for years. In the new system, messages are treated like tasks in a to-do list: the system automatically groups messages into "bundles" based on their content and your own filters. Bundles can be ignored or dismissed as one, making it easier to manage, say, a ton of PayPal messages from a recent shopping spree. The system also includes reminders and a "snooze" functionality, along with more standard stuff like a search box. The whole thing includes a lot of little touches that will remind you of Google Now.

Inbox by GMail (2)Inbox by GMail (3)

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"Inbox" will even take the initiative to check the real-time data about a flight you've been receiving Gmail about, and send that information to you. You will even receive real-time information about a package you've been waiting for.

Inbox by GMail (1)

Inbox By Google should work automatically with your Gmail account, and there are both web and mobile versions. If you have already received an invite you can download the mobile apps using the following links:

Android iOS
Download from Google Play
Download from Apple App Store
Price Free Free
Requirements Android 4.1 or greater iOS 7.0 or greater

source - Google | Android Police

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