Apple iPad mini 3 officially announced

Apple iPad mini 3

The Apple iPad mini 3 was officially unveiled today during a special press event which took place in California. Apple has kept the device mostly the same as its predecessor but includes a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which will allow you to use Apple Pay to make online payments.


The new iPad mini 3 retains the shape and form of its predecessor, as it's still the most elegant and premium small tablet on the market. This achievement is even more respectable given that the mini 3 is crafted out of metal, unlike most slates in the smaller category, which are mostly made up of plastic. Apple has also introduced a golden version of the device, to match its smartphone siblings. They have also included the inevitable Touch ID scanner for the first time in a mini slate, which means you can now easily unlock the display, do iTunes and other purchases simply by pressing your finger against the home key.

Apple iPad mini 3 - TouchID scanner


The iPad mini 3 retains its 7.9 inch display size, with its 2048 x 1536 pixel Retina resolution and 3.1 million pixels. This results in a 326 ppi pixel density, for sharp, vibrant pictures.

Apple iPad mini 3 - Retina Display


The cameras on the new mini remain the same as before, with a 5MP iSight camera gracing its rear, while a 1.2MP FaceTime camera handles the selfies. The cameras are acommpanied by two microphones, which ensure you get the maximum clarity in sound while removing unnessasary background noise. In addition, when you switch cameras from front to back (or vice versa), the microphones switch, too. So what your iPad mini sees is also what your iPad mini hears.

Apple iPad mini 3 - Cameras


The iPad mini 3 offers up to 10 hours of continuous usage, which is a value that the company has proudly head on to for years. This is in no way an amazing feet, since most Android and Windows tablets are now able to match these specs. However it is interesting to see the small size tablet with its high resolution display achive this.

Hardware and processor

The iPad mini 3 is offered in a 16GB based model, while the 32GB model has been replaced with a 64GB version followed by the 128GB model. Since microSD expansion has never been an option for iOS users, you should select a model which best suites your requirement.

In terms of processing power, Apple has chosen not to bring its Apple A8 processor to its smaller tablet. Instead you will find the iPad mini 3 is powered by last year's Apple A7 processor accompanied by the M7 coprocessor. Its unclear if the processor is faster, and the RAM likely remains at 1GB. Overall the device should perform in par with last year's model.

Apple iPad mini 3 - Gaming

Pricing and Availability

You will be able to pre-order your iPad mini 3 starting tomorrow, October 17th. The tablet should be available at stores by next Friday, October 24th. The pricing will remain the same as last year with the 16GB Wi-Fi model costing $399. The 64GB model replaces the 32GB model at $499 while the 128GB model will cost you $599. The options with cellular connectivity are $529, $629, and $729, respectively.

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