Google Fit for Android

Google Fit for AndroidGoogle Fit was launched today on the Google Play Store, as the company is now set to take on Apple Health with their own health and fitness app. Google Fit allows you to set fitness goals, and track activities like walking, running, or cycling.

You can download the app directly on your Android device through the Google Play Store or by using the following link:

Download from the Google Play Store
Price Free
Requirements Android 4.0 or greater

Once you have installed Google Fit for Android, all you need to do is carry your Android phone or Android Wear device with you, and it will collect your fitness data. Google Fit can be connected to third party devices, and can be accessed on your tablet, as well as on the web (on any PC or laptop).

Google Fit for Android has the following features:

Effortlessly track your activity:
  • Just carry your phone and get access to your walking, running and cycling activity.
Reach your fitness goals:
  • Set goals based on either duration or steps and see your progress throughout the day.
  • Receive performance-based recommendations for activity goals.
A comprehensive view of your fitness:
  • Connect third party devices and apps to Fit and we’ll show you all of your fitness data in one place.
Also access Google Fit on the web at and on your tablet.

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