Windows 9 screenshots leaked

Remember when Microsoft released Windows 7 to save us from Windows Vista ? It looks like the company is getting ready to do it again with the release of Windows 9. Some screenshots of the upcoming Windows 8 successor have leaked and they look promising.

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced us to the Modern (Metro) user interface, which lived outside of the familiar Windows desktop. Because of the dissociation, users would live either solely on the Modern UI if they were on tablets or use the desktop all the time if they had a keyboard and mouse.

With Windows 9, Microsoft aims to further integrate both environments, so that users can get the full Live Tile experience even on the desktop. The Start menu is finally back, and is now enhanced to feature your Live Tiles. Modern apps now reside within Windows, making them easily accessible to Windows users. Even the traditional Windows icons are been tweaked to match the Modern design language. You are also getting multiple desktops, a notification center and much more. All in all, this will be an update that classic Windows desktop users will like: it refreshes the operating system’s style without breaking the functionality.

The Windows 9 screenshots come from two German site that have gotten them from an alleged "Windows Technical Preview". That preview should go live to developers in October, and it will incorporate the flat, single-tone visuals of Metro into the classic Windows desktop.

source - Computer Base (translated) | WinFuture (translated)

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