Sony SmartBand Talk officially announced with e-paper display and ability to make calls

Sony SmartBand Talk officially announced

Sony's new Xperia lineup was not the only thing the company had to show at its IFA event. The Japanese manufacturer also unveiled its SmartBand Talk wearable, which helps keep tabs on your everyday physical activities, handles your calls and controls your smartphone with voice controls, courtesy of Sony's own Voice Control technology.

The SmartBand Talk features a 1.4 inch e-paper display with a 288 by 128 pixel resolution, 2MB of internal storage, a 70mAh battery and a ARM Cortex-M4 processor. If you are concerned about the battery, you should not be. Because of its e-paper display the SmartBand Talk can last up to 3 days on a single charge according to Sony. The device also comes with IP68 certification along with NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.

The SmartBand Talk makes use of Sony's new Lifelog app for Android that allows you to “set and achieve goals, bookmark memorable moments, and revisit memories any time”. The API of the app will be openly available to third-party developers later this year and those who want to purchase the wearable can do so for EUR 159.

source - Sony

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