Nokia Z Launcher for Android updated with improved prediction algorithm and various fixes

Nokia Z Launcher for Android

Nokia has released an updated version of Z Launcher bringing it to version 0.3.3 with several fixes, performance improvements and improved prediction algorithm. This custom launcher is still in private beta and available to a limited number of users.

If you have the Z Launcher installed on your Android device, it will automatically notify you when the update is available. You can also manually check for the update by heading to the launcher Settings.

Nokia Z Launcher for Android version 0.3.3 has the following new features and improvements (changelog):
  • Fixed many defects
    • Fixes to address black box issue
    • Shows proper calendar entries on first run
    • More reliable activation process
    • More reliable changing of favorites
    • Fixed issues causing crashes in older devices
    • Fixed issues with contacts appearing twice when there slight variations to the number in the call log
    • Much more
  • Performance improvements
    • Improved seeding of home screen on first run
    • Improved scrolling performance of app list
  • Improved prediction algorithm

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