Microsoft IFA 2014 Event - Live Stream - #morelumia from Nokia

Microsoft #morelumia at IFA 2014

Microsoft and Nokia are scheduled to have their own IFA 2014 event, where the company is ready to show off new Lumia Windows Phones. The company has been very secretive on what they have in store for us, but rumors suggest we may have some affordable Lumia devices in our hands soon. Check out the livestream of Microsoft's IFA event below.

[UPDATE] Now that Nokia's phone manufacturing division is part of Microsoft, the two companies can work closer together to bring the best of Windows Phone in their devices. However it seems like Microsoft has chosen not to release a new flagship, and instead focus on bringing affordable Lumia devices to the market. 

During their press event Microsoft announced the Lumia 730 'selfie' phone and the Lumia 830, and affordable PureView device. The company also revealed the Lumia Denim update which brings several enhancements to the new Lumia devices in Q42014. You can learn all about Microsoft's announcements below.

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