Google Play Store with Material Design leaked

Google Play with Material Design

The Android L Release will soon made available to customers, and Google is hard at work updating their own apps and services to match the new Material Design language that will be part of the new update. We have already seen Google Hangouts updated with the new UI, and Google Chrome has also seen signs of the Material Design. Now a leaked version of the Google Play Store also shows the changes coming in the near future.

New Google Play Store iconThe Play Store content pages has already seen a visual update bringing it closer to the Material Design aesthetics, but it looks like version 5.0 of the Play Store is on the way, which will complete the update. As you can see in the images below (where the current design is on the left and the update is on the right), the update will be bringing color to the navigation tabs, making it blend in with the title bar. The colors themselves are getting slight changes with the Apps green, Music orange, and Books blue getting darker, and the Movies red and Newsstand blue getting lighter. The typography is also getting a bit bolder than before.

The app icons will also be updated, like the ones shown above and there are also changes coming to the app icons associated with the various sections of the Play Store. They are all flatter and look good, but we would say that the Newsstand icon doesn't really provide the easily inferred meaning that the others do. It kind of looks more like a radio than anything from the print world.

source - Android Police

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