Garmin Vivosmart activity tracking bracelet announced

Garmin Vivosmart activity tracking bracelet announced

Today Garmin announced a new activity tracking smart bracelet it calls the Vivosmart. Garmin is primarily known for GPS tracking, so it makes sense it would venture into personal fitness tracking with devices like the Forerunner 15 and the Vivofit bracelet.

The Vivosmart is the newest addition featuring useful features like water resistance, sleep tracking and an OLED display. Garmin touts the Vivosmart's discreet presence. When the screen is inactive, it looks like a regular bracelet, but a tap or a notification will wake up the curved OLED display to reveal its smart features. One of these is the activity reminder concept implement in the bracelet. The company has developed a system that “feeds” on your activity or inactivity. As you move, various activity bars fill up, leading up to your personal goals or default preset values. Another bar fills up as you remain motionless. Stay inactive for long enough, and you will be nudged by the bracelet to move with a gentle vibration. While this capability is not unique, the Vivosmart gives you a detailed overview, right on the screen, of how long you have been active or inactive.

In addition to being water resistant, the Vivosmart holds a charge for up to seven days. It can sync up with Garmin's own app, which allows extensions with some features of your smartphone, like notifications for calls. Furthermore, the Vivosmart can be augmented with other Garmin products like the VIRB and VIRB Elite action cameras, or a bike speed sensor.

The Vivosmart will retail for $169.99 for the bracelet alone, or $199.99 for a bundle featuring a heart rate monitor. The new bracelet will initially be available only through Best Buy in an exclusive arrangement, which will see the device sold in stores and online through the retailer by mid-September. Wider availability is slated for November, giving the technology retailer more than a full month of exclusive access to the Vivosmart. Best Buy should begin taking preorders imminently, though the bracelet is still not listed at their website as of this time.

source - Garmin

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