Apple iPhone 6 Plus - Video Review

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Large screen smartphones have risen in popularity ever since Samsung introduced their first Galaxy Note. After years of stubbornly sticking to a screen size that suited single handed use, Apple has finally stepped out with a large screen device of their own in the form of the .

The iPhone 6 Plus is essentially identical the Apple iPhone 6, but its larger display has also given room for a bigger battery and optical image stabilization on its 8MP rear camera. Apple has also made a few enhancements to ioS 8 to support the larger display. For example, the iPhone 6 Plus features a new landscape layouts with certain core apps and a one handed mode to allow users to reach to the top of the screen without using both hands.

Unfortunately it looks like the Galaxy Note series has already defined the use of a larger screen, and the iPhone 6 Plus essentially doesn't do enough to warrant its size. While we don't imagine we will see a stylus in Apple's future, we hope iOS 8 will offer more productivity elements in future to take advantage of the screen real estate.

The pricing is what you would expect from a phablet device with its 16GB base model costing $300 on-contract (or $750 outright). At the end of the day you may be wondering if the $100 additional investment is worth picking up the larger iPhone. Its true you get a larger & higher resolution display, longer battery life, a landscape layout which is ideal for media consumption, and a slightly better camera. But the recent #bendgate issues caused by the large size iPhone 6 Plus makes us look favorably toward the iPhone 6 for now.

source - PhoneArena

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