[Windows Phone app] Microsoft WindUp offers Snapchat-like messaging

WindUp for Windows PhoneMicrosoft Research has released a new Snapchat-like messaging app for Windows Phone called WindUp. Just like Snapchat, WindUp allows users to send time-limited messages and media to their friends and family. The app lets you share self-destructing text, pictures, videos and audio messages.

You can download the app directly on your device through the Windows Phone Store or by using the following link:

Download Download from Windows Phone Store
Price Free
Requirements Windows Phone 8.0; Windows Phone 8.1
Press the Search searchbutton on your Windows Phone, tap Vision vision and then scan the following barcode by pointing your device camera toward it
Download using QR app

Microsoft WindUp for Windows Phone has the following features:
  • Create and share fun, temporary messages and media with friends.
  • Decide how long a message will last – set it to expire after a time or view limit of your choice
  • Set a low limit to “wind up” your friends as they race to see what you've posted, or set the limit high to make your message last longer.
  • WindUp lets you share pictures, videos and audio snippets, as well as text.

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