Samsung Galaxy Alpha - Promotional Video

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 which sets itself apart with its metal frame on its side, which should class it as a premium design. Samsung has released the first video promoting this newly announced Galaxy Alpha, and to be honest, we wish the company had shown a little more excitement for this release.

Samsung has been criticized over the years for offering a plastic frame on their "premium" smartphones, while competitors like HTC and Apple have used premium material which many felt were worthy to spend their hard earned money on. While Samsung has continued to stay on top of their competition in terms of internal hardware, they have avoided designing a metal phone, until now.

Well in all honesty, the Galaxy Alpha doesn't use much metal. The band that runs around the device is actually similar to the design found on the Apple iPhone 4S and the Nokia Lumia 930 among others. However Samsung has also made an important decision to pack device with powerful yet mid-range hardware. So you don't have the hardware to compete with the Galaxy S5. Instead you have a 4.7 inch 720p display, 32GB of storage, a 12MP rear camera, a 1.2MP front camera and an octa-core Exynos processor. Connectivity options include WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE Cat.6. Samsung also included their Fingerprint Sensor in the home button and a Heart Rate sensor next to the rear camera.

The Galaxy Alpha will go up for pre-order in Russia on Friday, August 15th, and ship to customers starting September 12th. The asking is price, at the equivalent of $690 in Russia, is steep, though it's obvious that the company wanted this to be priced in-between the cheaper Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, and the flagship Galaxy S5. This is clearly a testing ground for Samsung, in hopes that they will find a winning formula for their next flagship. Would you consider purchasing this device ? or would you rather wait for the next Galaxy Note ?

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