Nokia Lumia 630 - Camera Review

Nokia Lumia 630 - Camera Review

The Nokia Lumia 630 features a 5 megapixel rear camera with autofocus which is capable of 720p video capture. There is no secondary front facing camera for video calls and there is no LED flash to help light up those poorly lit. So lets see how the camera on the Lumia 630 compares to other devices of its class

Camera Features
  • 5 megapixel sensor
  • autofocus
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 1/4 inch sensor size
  • f/2.4 f-number/aperture
  • 28 mm focal length
  • 10 cm minimum focus range
  • JPEG/Exif image output
The camera offers other features like - Touch to focus, Landscape orientation, Auto and manual exposure, Auto and manual white balance, Full screen viewfinder, geo-tagging, Automatic photo upload to web services, Full resolution photo and video upload.

Nokia offers a custom camera on Lumia Windows Phones called Nokia Camera. Nokia Camera allows you to choose between 5MP 4:3 mode and 3.7MP 16:9 samples, there are no other resolution options. You also get other options like white balance, focus, ISO, shutter speed up to 1s and exposure settings.

The fact that the Lumia 630 packs a quad-core processor means that you will be able to capture photos very quickly. Having used a Lumia 1020 as a daily driver, it becomes evident that the 41MP sensor is a huge task on its dual-core processor. Since the Lumia 630 has only a 5MP camera, its quad-core processor has no trouble with quick photos.


The 5MP camera on the Lumia 630 is quite a decent unit. It captures photos quickly and the results can easily be shared with your family and friends on your favorite social networks or backed up on OneDrive.

The device comes with Nokia Camera for Windows Phone preloaded out of the box, which should help enhance your camera experience.

Nokia Camera allows you to choose between 5MP 4:3 mode and 3.7MP 16:9 samples, there are no other resolution options. You also get other options like, white balance, focus, ISO, shutter speed up to 1s and exposure settings.


The Lumia 630 captures video in 720p @ 30fps. While the video quality is decent, it isn't as impressive as the still images.

You also get access to Lenses on your Windows Phone to enhance your photo taking experience. These lenses can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. Some of the popular lenses are: Nokia Panorama, Nokia Refocus, Nokia Cinemagraph, Nokia Glam Me and Bing vision

Nokia Panorama (download)

While we would have preferred to have the panorama feature baked into Nokia Camera, it is available to download as a separate lens from the Nokia Store. Nokia Panorama allows you to capture a large image by capturing multiple images and stitching them together.

Nokia Lumia 630 - Panorama
click for original
What's great about Nokia Panorama is that you can capture panorama photos in portrait or landscape mode.

Nokia Refocus (download)

Nokia Refocus lets you take a photo first and choose what you want in focus later. It’s perfect when you're shooting close-ups of your subject because it allows you to show depth in your photos, and then change focal point if you want. You can also add great effects like 'All in Focus' and 'Color Pop'.

Once you have captured the photo of your choice you can share it to your favorite social network after saving it to your OneDrive account.

While the Lumia 630 is clearly not the best Windows Phone we have tested, it is clearly capable of capturing beautiful photos under enough light.

Nokia Cinemagraph (download)

Nokia Cinemagraph is a great mix of photos and videos, allowing Lumia users to capture a photo which seems to come to life. You can capture photos in landscape or portrait modes and share the Cinemagraphs on your favorite social networks after saving them to your Nokia account.

Cinemagraphs can also be exported to GIF format, so you can share them easily. Keep in mind that cinemagraphs are quite large, so you may want to upload them over Wi-Fi to avoid data charges.

The Lumia 630 does an impressive job capturing cinemagraphs... While we had to admit using better Lumia cameras, especially among the Pureview devices, the Lumia 630 is truly impressive for an entry level smartphone.

Nokia Glam Me (download)

Nokia Glam Me is a tool which helps take the perfect selfies. This tools is very useful on the Lumia 630 which doesn't have a front camera. The app automatically recognizes when your face is in shot and takes the photo for you.

Bing Vision

Bing Vision is another extremely useful lens on your Windows Phone. It comes pre-installed on your Lumia 630 and is Microsoft's version of Amazon's Firefly. Bing Vision for Windows Phone can scan barcodes, QR codes, books, CDs and DVDs.

Bing Vision is the same service that loads when you click Search Search buttonon your Windows Phone and click the Vision icon icon. Interestingly once you have enabled Cortana, Bing Vision seems to be limited to scanning only QR codes.

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