Microsoft explains why you should purchase the affordable Nokia 130

Nokia 130

Microsoft recently announced an ultra-affordable  which is priced at around $25, bringing the classic Nokia design elements which dominated the phone market several years ago. While many of us may overlook entry-level devices these days, Microsoft wants to show us several clear advantages the Nokia 130 offers over its affordable rivals.

Nokia 130 infographic by Microsoft

Microsoft has highlighted the strong points of the Nokia 130 in the infographic, showing off its spectacular battery life and its ability to deliver nearly 6 days of standby. The simple 1020 mAh battery is even capable of offers 16 hours of video playback or 46 hours of music playback.

While the Nokia 130 is not likely able to replace a modern smartphone, it is still an affordable option for a budget conscious user and would make a great secondary device for someone who wants a reliable phone to have on the side.

source - Nokia | GSMArena

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