Leaked Nokia Lumia 730 photo shows it running "Debian Red"

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Microsoft is rumored to be working on several mid-range smartphones, which will launch in the coming months. One of them is codenamed Tesla, and is expected to be launched as the Lumia 830. The other one, codenamed Superman is expected to be the ultimate phone for selfies.

Recently a photo has appeared showing leaked images of what is said to be the unreleased successor of the Nokia Lumia 720. Those who remember the Lumia 720, may also remember that the handset offered a very decent camera for its price. The leaked device is allegedly the Nokia Superman in green and is expected to launch as the Nokia Lumia 730.

Leaked Nokia Lumia 730 photo shows it running "Debian Red"

The Lumia 730 (Superman) reportedly features a 4.7 inch display with a 480 x 854 pixel resolution, 8GB of internal storage which can be expanded through microSD, a 5 megapixel front camera for superior selfies, a 6.1 megapixel rear camera with LED flash, dual SIM and a quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM.

Interestingly the device is shown running the "Lumia Debian Red" firmware update, which is an unreleased version from Nokia (Microsoft Mobile) for Lumia Windows Phones. If you consider the traditional naming pattern, it's following an alphabetical order, A for Amber, B for Bittersweet Shimmer, C for Cherry blossom pink or Cyan, and now D for Debian Red. Additionally we know that Microsoft is preparing its GDR2 (Update 2) for Windows Phone 8, so we can expect Debian Red to come hand in hand with GDR2 around that time.

Microsoft is expected to unveil the Lumia 730 in the coming months, and it is expected to be an affordable offering.

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