HTC One M8 for Windows - Video Tutorials

Yesterday saw the launch of the , a nearly identical version of the HTC One M8 which runs the latest version of Microsoft's mobile platform. HTC wants to make sure that new users of this smartphone will be able to take full advantage of its software features, so they have release some introductory videos demonstrating the various multimedia capabilities of the HTC One M8 for Windows.

One of the videos walks the users through the HTC camera interface and its UFocus capabilities, courtesy of its 'Duo' Camera setup. You also get introduced to BlinkFeed's debut on the Windows Phone platform along with an introduction to the Video Highlights app, which lets you create brief slideshow videos.

Microsoft has done an amazing job playing catch up with their competitors. Windows Phone 8.1 is able to match nearly every feature of its competitors and is also fluid and stable. We even recently found out that the Windows Phone version may have double the battery life of its Android counterpart. So do you think an HTC One M8 for Windows can pry you away from Android ?

source - HTC (YouTube) | WPCentral

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