HTC One M8 for Windows coming soon to AT&T

HTC One M8 for Windows

The is currently an exclusive to Verizon customers in the US. However the new flagship Windows Phone 8.1 device is also coming to AT&T soon. AT&T has announced the upcoming availability of the handset on a landing page, but the pricing and availability date have not been revealed.

The HTC One M8 for Windows is identical to its Android counterpart in terms of hardware. This means you get a 5 inch touch display with a 1080 by 1920 pixel resolution, 32GB of internal storage, 4MP UltraPixel Duo cameras, a 5MP front camera, HTC BoomSound speakers, and a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor with 2GB of RAM.

Since AT&T is a GSM carrier, this news also suggests that we may see the HTC One M8 for Windows eventually released to other global markets. This is an important move on HTC's part, as they need their device portfolio to be as widely available as possible in order to properly compete with other manufacturers. Hopefully T-Mobile and Sprint, the other two major US carriers will start offering the handset on their networks soon.

HTC One M8 for Windows coming soon to AT&T

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