Five Reasons to buy a Lumia instead of an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c

Five Reasons to buy a Lumia instead of an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c

Are you considering purchasing a new or an ? Well here are five reasons you should probably consider purchasing a brand new Nokia Lumia device with Windows Phone 8 instead.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phones are available in various price ranges. But high end devices like the iPhones are best compared with equally high end Lumias like the , and (Lumia Icon for Verizon).

1) Display Sizes

When it comes to the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 5c you are limited to no more than 4 inches with a standard 640 x 1136 pixel resolution. This display is the same Apple offered on last year's Apple iPhone 5 and customers are still hopeful that the next generation iPhone will finally see the screen size increased. Fortunately this isn't an issue for Nokia Lumia users. Nokia Windows Phones range in display sizes, offering a large 6 inch 1080p display on its Lumia 1520 down to a 4.0 inch display on its most affordable Nokia Lumia 520.

2) Camera

The Apple iPhones have a decent 8MP camera, which is quite capable at capturing photos. However Nokia has done an amazing job with their PureView cameras, offering features like optical image stabilization and lossless zoom. Lumia 1020 users will be treated to a 41MP camera which dwarfs the once found on the iPhone. It even offers a Xenon flash which is much more powerful than the LED flash when it comes to lighting up a low lit room. Even the large screened Lumia 1520 and flagship Lumia 930 come with generous 20MP cameras which make the iPhone camera feel ancient.

Nokia's optical image stabilization suspends the camera lens and counters accidental motion when you capture photos. This eliminates blurry photos and even lets in more light for those night time photos. Additionally the large 20MP and 41MP cameras allows Lumia users to experience lossless zoom. So if you want to zoom into a photo, you can actually capture it first and zoom in and see what you missed later...

3) Nokia App Collection

Nokia Windows Phones come with a wide selection of apps and services. For example, Nokia's Glance feature allows you to double tap your display to quickly peek at the information that is important to you. Meanwhile Nokia's HERE navigation suite brings HERE Maps, HERE Transit and HERE Drive, which fully manages your day to day travel, with best in class offline maps. Nokia even enhances your photography experience with a wide selection of camera lenses and utilities.

4) Wireless Charging

USB cables can be frustrating... You will have to find them, untangle them and struggle to plug your device in when its battery is low.. Apple actually did a great job introducing their new lightning cable, which can be plugged in either way. However that is no match for the wireless charging functionality on your Lumia.

Given that not all Lumia's have wireless charging built in, that is easily rectified with the purchase of a wireless charging shell. With wireless charging you can simply place your Lumia device on the charging plate and watch the power fill the sell without connecting it to a cable.

5) One Windows Experience

For ages, iPhone users have had nothing more than a grid of icons to stare at... Even with the notification center, iPhone users will have to consistently slide down or open their apps to see what notifications they have... Microsoft on the other hand introduced the Modern UI, which is a combination of Android widgets and Apple's App notifications allowing users to not only see how many notifications they have but also to view information from the app in a simple and easy fashion.

Microsoft later expanded this feature to the Windows platform, allowing customers to get the same experience across their Windows Phones and Windows. Your Office documents and photos and easily synced across all your devices through OneDrive and now your games and apps are universally being made available on your PCs, tablets and phones.

Granted the Windows Phone platform is still a growing market, you may still find the odd app missing. This is mostly frustrating for mobile gamers, as developers continue to keep Windows Phone in the backseat when it comes to delivering apps.

In any case I hope to see this change in the months and years ahead as Microsoft now offers a solid Windows Phone experience in par with Apple and Google's offering... Now it is in the hands on users and developers to take advantage of the Windows Phone experience and break free from being dependent on your overpriced iPhone.

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