Cortana demonstrated on the HTC One M8 for Windows Dot View case

Cortana demonstrated on the HTC One M8 for Windows Dot View case

The HTC One M8 for Windows is a powerful Windows Phone 8.1 device. While you wouldn't likely want to hide its premium build under a case, HTC has its own Dot View Case which offers more than just protection.

This interactive accessory provides the user with useful information like the time, current temperature and the current conditions. The case is 'dot view' because of the mesh screen gives users a dot-matrix picture of that info. Since the HTC One M8 for Windows comes with Cortana, the developers have included Cortana integration for the case, allowing users to easily access the digital assistant by swiping down on the case when the phone is on standby.

The Cortana integration comes with its own unique animation, which includes a larger Cortana 'orb' that looks better through the Dot View case. Cortana answers any question thrown at her, and she remains on screen until you open the cover to reveal the detailed results (alternatively, you can just hit the power button to turn Cortana back off).

The Dot View case has its advantages... Along with protecting your precious device, it also allows you to consume your battery life... Since you wont be switching your device display on, the low power use from the Dot View case will make sure your device lasts longer.

You can get a Dot View case of your own for your HTC One M8 by following the link below.

source - WPCentral

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