Bing gets smarter with latest update, allows you to have a conversation

Bing search

Microsoft has updated their Bing search service, making it much smarter. Now you can carry on a conversation with Bing, allowing you to continue searching for related topics with follow-up questions. Windows Phone 8.1 users would note that this feature is currently available through the digital voice assistant Cortana.

For example, users can ask Bing, "Who is the president of united states" and follow up by simply typing "Who is his wife". Since Bing has already identified that you are referring to "Barack Obama" it will respond with "Michelle Obama".

You will then be able to continue the dialog with questions like "How tall is she", "Who is her brother" or "Who are her children". Bing will try to maintain the context and keep the conversation moving. However it does have its limitations and its far from perfect.

source - Microsoft

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