Apple Mac OS X (10.10) Yosemite Developer Preview 5 released

Apple Mac OS X (10.10) YosemiteApple has released the fifth Developer Preview of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite which brings various bug fixes and general performance improvements to the pre-release version of Apple's desktop OS. The update follows the recent public beta release of Yosemite, which allowed any potential testers with an Apple ID to try out the latest version of Mac OS before it launched to the public.

In order to use the Developer Preview, you will need to sign up for Apple's Mac Developer Program which costs $99 annually. If you have already signed up for the program, the Developer Preview 5 update to OS X 10.10 Yosemite will be available for download through the Mac App Store.

With OS X Yosemite, Apple has made huge changes in the overall design of their desktop platform to make it look more like iOS. You get the same modern colors and flattened visuals which were first introduced on iOS 7.

Apart from the brand new look and feel, OS X Yosemite brings several new features and improvement, which well and truly bridges the gap between iOS and OS X. Among the enhancements is the continuity feature which allows users to continue their desktop tasks on mobile and vice versa.

If you're running one of the previous Developer Previews on one of your Macs, then it’s highly recommended that you download today’s release so you get the latest features and fixes that Apple has to offer.

If you happen to come across any new features on the fifth developer preview, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

source - Apple

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