Sony makes it easy for developers to unlock their Xperia bootloader

Sony makes it easy for developers to unlock their Xperia bootloader

Sony has announced that they have re-launched their bootloader unlocking service on the developer page on their website. The update marks the "improved usability" as "yet another step in our strive for openness". The process of unlocking Xperia devices should now be easier than ever for developers and users alike.

The unlocking process is organized in three main steps - users must select their device and enter an e-mail address, submit their IMEI numbers, receive an unlock code and get to the actual unlocking.

Instructions for the whole process have been revised. During the ordeal, the unlocking service will display only the information relevant for a particular device, instead of stuff that's applicable to other products. Sony has also added a reasonably elaborate FAQ section, which informs you that the company "does not offer any official support when unlocking the boot loader".

Unfortunately, Sony and other Android manufacturers are powerless when it comes to dealing with the one thing that will truly make users happy - removing the voiding of your warranty after unlocking. While messing with the Xperia bootloader just got easier, it didn't get less riskier. Still, we have nothing but appreciation about Sony's software effort and direct acknowledgment that many users, shockingly, love to try new things with their phones once in a while.

source - Sony

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