Nokia XL - Video Review

Nokia XL

The is the largest in the company's lineup of affordable Android smartphones, with its 5 inch display. However unlike most Android phones the Nokia handsets run a forked version of the platform which offers a Windows Phone inspired interface with access to Nokia and Microsoft apps. You wont get access to the Google Play Store or any of Google's apps by default

With an affordable off-contract price of €140 (around $165), the Nokia XL is an affordable device, which stands ahead of its competitors thanks to its generous display size. Nokia also shows off its skills with the 5MP camera on the XL, which is very good for its class. Even though the platform runs low end hardware, Nokia has done an excellent job optimising Android and you won't feel a lag when you run basic tasks on your phone.

Even so, long time Android users will greatly miss their family Google environment as Nokia has replaced all of Google's apps and services with their own. For email you will have the very capable Outlook app instead of GMail, while Nokia's HERE maps will handle your navigation instead of Google Maps. You also get cloud storage and OneDrive and Nokia's own MixRadio for your streaming music needs. A Nokia App Store will be your avenue into the world of Android apps, but you will be able to install most Android APKs manually in case you dont find anything.

source - PhoneArena

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