Microsoft working on Office for Android, early access available soon

Microsoft Office

It looks like Microsoft is in the process of finalizing a dedicated version of Office for Android tablets, following on the success of Office for iPad. It looks like the company is in the process of readying a pre-release program where folks will get the opportunity to partake in testing the touch optimized Office suite on their Android powered tablets.

The private pre-release program will allow users to test Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android, with the aim of having the final version ready later this year. Interestingly the touch optimized version of these apps have still not been made available for the Windows platform, though iOS and soon Android will have access to them.

Office has been available on Android for some time now, allowing users to perform basic view and edit functions on their smartphones. With the success of Office for iPad, and the continuous growth of the Android tablet user base, it makes sense that Microsoft would want to capitalize on it before it is too late.

If you have an Android tablet, and are interested in testing out the beta version of Office for Android ahead of its launch, follow the source link and register your interest.

source - Microsoft | The Verge

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