LG G Watch - Video Review

LG G Watch

The is a smartwatch which runs Google's Android Wear platform. It is stepping into a highly competitive market, but it will likely face its biggest competition from the Samsung Gear Live, which is not only cheaper but goes on sale at the same time running the same platform.

We have to point out that we would have prefered if LG had putting a little effort into their smartwatch offering, given they have to face some stiff competition in the form of the Motorola Moto 360 very soon. Even when compared to the Gear Live, the G Watch feels outmatched, even though it costs more.

At $230 you get a lower resolution display than the Gear Live and you don't get the heart rate monitor. What's more disappointing is that LG has made a name for itself with the LG G3, and the accompanying smartwatch doesn't hold a candle to its flagship smartphone.

source - PhoneArena

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