BlackBerry reveals its own digital voice assistant

BlackBerry AssistantAfter what seems like years of speculation, BlackBerry has finally unveiled its own digital voice assistant, which will serve as BlackBerry's version of Siri. Known simply as BlackBerry Assistant, this service will search through your email and calendar, and tell you what is trending on Twitter.

The more you use BlackBerry Assistant, the more it will become familiar with how you do things. It is even built to keep you safe while you drive, by reading your important emails out loud to you. You can even ask the Assistant to mark an email as being unread, so that you can read it again later, with no distractions. Furthermore, you can set up a reminder without leaving the current page that you're on. Additionally, if you're expecting an important call, you can ask BlackBerry Assistant to notify you about phone calls only.

BlackBerry Assistant should be able handle many of the same tasks that Siri on the iPhone, Cortana on Windows Phone and Google Now on Android handles. BlackBerry Assistant will apparently be available starting with BlackBerry 10.3, which means it will be built into upcoming devices like the BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry hasn't yet released a list of BlackBerry Assistant's features, but we're sure that will be coming down the road as we get closer to the introduction of the BlackBerry Passport, and the next build of the BlackBerry 10 OS.

source - BlackBerry | Engadget

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