Amazon Fire Phone - Video Review

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon has grown in popularity thanks to their Kindle tablet lineup, and now set out to conquer the smartphone world with the introduction of the . Unlike the Kindle tablets, Amazon is not offering the most affordable smartphone choice, as the Fire Phone is a premium device directly aimed at taking on the iPhone and the latest Android flagships.

The Amazon Fire Phone is priced at $200 on-contract and is an exclusive to AT&T. Those who don't want to tied down to a carrier contract will have to palm out $650 in order to enjoy the latest from Amazon. Keep in mind that this is more than the asking price of an unlocked LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8. It actually puts it in line with the well established iPhone.

It is also important to remember that despite is exclusive Dynamic Perspective user interface, the Amazon Fire Phone is still an Android device. Fire OS 3.5 is based on Android, but lacks access to any of Google's apps or services. Amazon does have its own alternatives to most of Google's apps and services, the Amazon App Store still cannot compete with the volume of the Google Play Store.

Additionally its 720p display and Snapdragon 800 processor maybe considered last year's technology by Android users, who are now coming to expect Quad HD displays and the latest processors on their flagship devices.

Amazon has put a lot of pressure on their software  and cloud experience, but with so many Android alternatives out their it doesn't make sense why the company thought they could directly compete the iPhone's pricing. Unless the company makes some serious changes to their Fire Phone's pricing, we wont be surprised if the device quickly fades into an after thought.

source - DetroitBORG | PhoneArena | Mobile Tech Review

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