T-Mobile moves its UNcarrier 5.0 event to Seattle

T-MobileAs you may remember, T-Mobile has scheduled its UNCarrier 5.0 event on June 18th, which happens to be the same day Amazon has scheduled its unveiling of a brand new device. T-Mobile's event was originally scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, however the carrier has now decided to move the venue to Seattle instead.

T-Mobile's official statement on why the move is being made is:
We heard a lot of journalists were planning to cover one or both events remotely, or send people to two places on the 18th. What a pain! And, you know, we do love to eliminate pain points. So, in true Un-carrier fashion, we are eliminating this pain point by moving Un-carrier 5.0 to Seattle on June 18th.
Amazon's new device is rumored to be the company's new first smartphone, and it is very likely that T-Mobile didn't expect that it could compete for media attention when pitted against Amazon's announcement. This way it will work out well for us, as we will be covering both events for you, so stay tuned.

source: T-Mobile | Re/code

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