T-Mobile confirms Wi-Fi calling coming to iOS 8

Following the announcement of iOS 8, T-Mobile has confirmed that the W-Fi calling feature will be made available with iPhones running iOS 8 along with select Android and Windows Phone handsets. Once the iPhone gets added to T-Mobile's roster of supporting handsets, over 90% of the smartphones offered by the carrier will enable the feature.

T-Mobile's Wi-Fi calling requires no additional app to download, nor does it require you to activate anything. All you need to do is find a Wi-Fi connection and log on to it. Check the handset for the Wi-Fi calling icon, and you're good to go. The operator has 17 million enabled customer devices with 5 million customers using the feature every month.

T-Mobile has also announced its VoLTE launch in Seattle . This allows users to make and take phone calls over an LTE pipeline. So far, the service is available only for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the Samsung Galaxy Light and the LG G Flex.

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source: T-Mobile

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