Nokia introduces Z Launcher for Android

Nokia Z Launcher for Android

Today, Nokia has introduced a new Android launcher called 'Z Launcher'. This launcher replaces the standard Android homescreen and allows you to find apps by writing on your screen with your finger instead of typing with your keyboard to find the apps.

On the top of the launcher is a clock and calendar and the usual Android dock is at bottom. In between is the list of apps, contacts and websites that appear after you draw a letter on the screen, using your finger.

Brook Eaton, the lead product manager of Nokia's emerging platforms group, said that the company saw a problem that people were having keeping organized, as more and more apps are downloaded and installed by device users. Instead of putting these apps in folders, Nokia decided to use the home screen for better organization.

The six apps or contacts that appear on the screen at any given time, are based on the time of day it is, your location, and the people you've been recently been talking to, according to your call history. Over time, the "Z Launcher" becomes more predictive. Your can install and test the pre-release beta of Z-Launcher by clicking the link below

Download APK

Please note that the beta version of the launcher will only work on the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and select Nexus devices, like the Google Nexus 4 (pictured above).

As you may know, Nokia's smartphone business is now known as Microsoft Mobile, and the team behind the Nokia Z Launcher are those who remain with the newly formed Nokia. Its interesting to note that Nokia is continuing to invest in development in the smartphone ecosystem and it will be intersting to see how the Nokia Z Launcher evolves in future.

Check out the following hands on video of the Nokia Z Launcher, running on an LG G3.

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