LG G3 - Video Review


The LG G3 was released as the successor to the company's popular LG G2, and set to take on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and the Sony Xperia Z2. With a Quad HD display, a great body to screen ratio, a laser focus camera and a gorgeous design, the G3 hopes to win the hearts of its customers as the best phone of 2014.

The LG G3 is clearly the most technologically advanced smartphone at this point. In terms of its design, the G3 doesn't only offer a great screen-to-body ratio, but it also offers an elegant design. Its 5.5 inch display with its Quad HD resolution can be quite imposing, but we cant help but wonder if a 1080p resolutions would have been more than adequate. Especially when LG could have focussed in more important aspects such as performance and outdoor visibility instead.

The camera on the LG G3 continues its trend from LG, offering even better experience than its predecessor.

LG has also improved on one of our main gripes on the G2, which was its software experience. The newest version of LG's custom interface for Android is streamlined, clean and a pleasure to use.

Overall LG has done an amazing job with the G3, and while its sheer size may not appeal to everyone, its clearly one of the best smartphones in the market to date.

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