HTC One mini 2 vs. HTC One M8 - Video Comparison

HTC One mini 2 HTC One M8

The is the successor to last year's HTC One mini, and the smaller variant of the . Ideally these two smartphones are not meant to be compared as they are suited for two very different types of users.

The One M8 flagship is for the user who doesn't want to compromise on specifications on their device. The One mini 2 on the other hand matches its siblings premium construction, but in a compact package that’s more manageable to operate with one hand. It’s that and the fact that you’ll save some money on picking up too!

The only reason you would likely prefer picking up the One mini 2 over the One M8 is its size. HTC has made a lot of compromises in hardware and software features to build this device, and frankly it is not affordable enough to warrant being a better choice.

HTC One mini 2 vs. HTC One M8

source - PhoneArena

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