Angry Birds Transformers coming next from Rovio, as Autobirds wage war on the Deceptihogs

Angry Birds Transformers

Now that Angry Birds Epic is available across iOS, Android and Windows Phone, it is time to look towards the next big title from Rovio. This time Rovio is teaming up with Hasbro Inc, the owner of the Transformers brand. The result of this collaboration will be a new Angry Birds mash-up title, dubbed... Angry Birds Transformers. This spin-off will depict the battle between the Angry Birds' versions of the Autobots (Autobirds) and the Decepticons (Deceptihogs).

While Rovio has not revealed much detail on the game, we can assume that they will continue the classic Angry Birds trend, which required you to use the birds as projectiles and shoot at the bad green piggies with a giant slingshot. Keep in mind that this is not the first game to be inspired by a movie or franchise. Rovio released Angry Birds Rio, based on the movie Rio. They also released Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars II based on the Star Wars franchise.

Still Rovio may divert from their usual style, as they have done with Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Go and Angry Birds Epic. In Bad Piggies you were required you to build various contraptions to achieve certain goals, while Angry Birds Go let you allowed you to race against your competitors and Angry Birds Epic introduced a turn-based strategy.

Rovio has not revealed a release date for Angry Birds Transformers, but have mentioned that we will be treated to additional information in the following weeks.

Angry Birds Transformers

source - Rovio | Android Authority

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